The trilogy is set for all the marbles. With the Warriors making quick work of a depleated Spurs roster and the Cavs taking care of Boston, we have an unprecedented 3rd Finals matchup between the two squads. Normally I’d be upset by the fact that, by default, the most predictable sport has the two favorites battling for it all, but this year is different. Like most NFL fans, who don’t understand it’s overtime rules, I hate a tie and need a victor. With the series tied 1-1 I’ve got the Cavs coming out on top. Regardless of your chosen bandwagon, we can all agree that a competitive series would benifit the majority. As long as we don’t have a Godfather III type of show, all will be good in the world. 

The good ol’ Worriers left no one in doubt when Zaza took out my boy Kawhi early on and finished off a rag tag team of pine riders lead by Genobili. Side note – his block on Harden is the reason they got to the WCF. While I don’t find Zara’s play intentional or dirty, it is never fun to have a series decided following a superstar’s injury. The three pointers were falling and GS has proven they will be tough to stop if they can carry their lights out shooting into next week. Although, they still need four more wins to accomplish their goals… no sh t DayDay. 

The Cavs had a hiccup or two but never left me in doubt. There’s no way Bron would let that team loose to Racist-town, America and miss out on a SEVENTH straight finals appearance, quite literally putting him on the brink of this years all time goat convos. Plus he’d have everyone on that team blackballed from the NBA should an act of the Irish gods reign down. Kyrie appears to be in a groove heading into these finals, too. Thomas’s injury helped the Cavs but I personally don’t see much being different if he stays healthy. Maybe another win for Boston, but that would be all. Regaurdless, a loss benefits Cleveland heading into the finals because now they know how badly they don’t want it to happen again. 

As aforementioned, this Finals brings me more interest than the previous two. These teams know each other so well for opposing conferences that the game will (hopefully) be closer than the rest of these painful playoffs. Then again, it could easily go 7 with blowouts in each contest and I would not be surprised in the slightest. GS not loosing a game does give me a case of the worries because one bad loss in the first two at home could send them into a death spiral for the next three at the Q. 

My conscious tells me Cavs in five, and my gut says six. This is all given Kyrie stays hot (extremely likely) and Love shoots unconsciously (TBD) from the corner in a game or two. Either way, Shump and JR will have more rings than KD, Steph, Klay, and Draymond combined, and THAT is what really excites me. 


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