The Supervillians beat out the Monsters in 5 (complete opposite of my overzealous prediction) and KD finally got what he asked for. To have the same number of rings as JR and Shump. Golden State left no one in doubt after those first three since Draymond passed to dick kick torch to Zaza in the form of a punch to keep himself eligible. Although I see this a degrading to idea of earning a “world” championship, a win is a win.

Food for thought for the NBA: if you’re going to give Russ the season MVP for averaging a triple double and being a shade over .500, shouldn’t Bron have gotten finals MVP? I mean come on! The dude showed up EVERY game. Took one after the Greek Freak and lead everyone in each statistical category. Meanwhile KD goes 9-22 in GS’s loss, only being a factor on the score sheet. Even though I only watched the fourth quarter of game 3, I can confidently say the Cavs rag tag roster (comparatively) did little to help the cause.

If the Cavs come back from 3-0, the MJ-Bron debate is over. But now the greatest player ever has to be second to the goat, hear 3-5 chants for the next year. When he goes 3-6. Only because this Warriors team will probably win the next 4 or 5, undoubtedly starting with a fourth matchup between them and the Cavs. The end result will become that rings are meaningless and everyone is just playing for money and endorsements. The NBA will become the EBA (Entertainment Basketball League) as AAU shoot shoot shoot determines who our future stars are. So basically I won’t watch anything but Detroit and Portland next year. Just a waste of time. Thanks KD.


Dwade is a Cav in 2018

PS – love the hats they got for this year. Simple but clean. 

PSS – starting a lawsuit for GS to change their mascot. Demeaning towards Natives.


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